My Ideal Client

I do not prostitute my pen for money.

I only write books with leaders and influencers whose missions, passions, and values align with mine.

With the right leaders, spine-tingling synergy is created and your message becomes even more powerful, as my clients attest.

We’re a dream fit for a book project if you meet the following criteria:

You’re a Legitimate Leader, Not a Deceitful “Guru”

The world is crawling with posers and charlatans oozing charm and charisma but who are devoid of knowledge or character.

Legitimate leaders with virtue, wisdom, courage, and depth are few and far between. Are you one of them?

You Value Impact Over Ego

I can’t stomach working with people for whom it’s all about boosting their ego.

But you — my ideal client — are about impact. You may be a powerful speaker, but you’re concerned with making a positive difference and leaving a legacy, not about admiring your face on TV.

Your Heart is Set on Service, Not Money

The leaders I work with produce a lot of money.

But for you, money is a means, not an end. You use money to change the world, not to stroke your ego or bask in comfort.

You live the saying by Chris Brady, “Our privileges are not for our pleasure, but for our purpose.”

You’re Passionate About Freedom & the Power of the Human Spirit

You yearn to “liberate the captives,” in more ways than one.

You want to inspire and empower people to live up to their potential.

You strive to ensure peace, prosperity, and liberty for your posterity.

Are we a good fit? Good. Let’s get started.

My Clients Say:

“Stephen has been more than a writer for me — he has been a partner. He captures my voice and puts it into writing in ways that I simply cannot…without him our book probably would not have become a New York Times bestseller…”Garrett Gunderson

“Stephen’s creativity, wisdom and friendship helped to draw the very best out of me and write a far better book than I could have ever done alone. He made the process so enjoyable that I feel we not only wrote a world-changing book together, but that I’ve gained a new friend for life.”Steve D’Annunzio


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