Range of Services

Virtually every ghostwriter simply writes your content, gives you a Word document, and leaves you to produce the entire book from there.

In contrast, depending on which pricing package and options you choose, I can be your partner from start to finish.

I can shepherd your book through the entire process, from initial concept until it gets sent to print.

You’re the idea and content generator, but I can do all the heavy lifting for you, including the following:

Fact-Finding & Outlining

If you’ve already got a rough manuscript, great. But most of my clients come to me with ideas and raw content. They know what they want to say, but they have very little, if anything, down on paper, and they don’t know how to organize it.

I help you get clear on your message, then logically outline and organize the core concepts.

Obviously, the more written and/or recorded content you have, the faster this process goes.


Once we’re clear on the message and outline, I write a first draft, sending you chapters as I complete them.

At this point you and I go back and forth to make sure the book says everything you want it to say, and how you want to say it.

Cater to Personas

As I write your book, I consciously write and organize the content cater to four personas.

For example, Methodicals want to see facts, proof, data, research.

Competitives want to see credibility, credentials, how your book makes them more productive, cutting-edge, and productive.

Spontaneous types want to know how your book will help them enjoy life more. They love visual appeal and excitement, special perks and bonuses.

Humanists want to connect with you personally. They also want to know what other people have experienced implementing your ideas (case studies and testimonials).

Manage the Editing Process

Next, we take our manuscript to our editor(s). Ideally, these are professional editors within publishing companies, but it depends on how you’re publishing your book. If not professionals, this is family and friends.

Editors suggest changes to the document using the “track changes” functionality, then send it back to me.

I then go through every change, line-by-line, word-by-word, accepting or rejecting changes and adding and/or revising content as needed.

This is an extremely painstaking, time-consuming process.

Manage the Graphic Design & Interior Layout Process

Once we have a completely-edited manuscript, it’s sent to the design team.

Throughout the writing and editing process, I will have made notes to the designer throughout the manuscript to integrate specific elements catered to the four personas. These include suggestions and instructions for visual imagery, charts, graphs, pull-quotes, formatted boxes and text, etc.

The interior design team takes our Word document and designs it in graphic design software, then sends a proof back to me.

I then take it through a whole new round of edits to ensure that no formatting (such as italics and bolding) has been lost in the design process, and that the design elements make sense and flow well with the text.

I go back and forth with the design team as many times as is necessary.

Write Cover Content

I write all the content for your cover, including the description on the back and blurbs for the interior flaps (on hardcovers).

Once we have a final cover design and a final interior layout, your book is sent to print, while you desperately try to contain your excitement.


My Clients Say:

“Stephen has been more than a writer for me — he has been a partner. He captures my voice and puts it into writing in ways that I simply cannot…without him our book probably would not have become a New York Times bestseller…”Garrett Gunderson

“Stephen’s creativity, wisdom and friendship helped to draw the very best out of me and write a far better book than I could have ever done alone. He made the process so enjoyable that I feel we not only wrote a world-changing book together, but that I’ve gained a new friend for life.”Steve D’Annunzio

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